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GRID X BitTorrent is a special collector’s edition GRID X partnership card.  Only a limited number of these cards will ever be produced. GRID X BitTorrent comes preloaded with TRON (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) tokens.  GRID X BitTorrent cards are available in three denominations – 15,000, 50,000, or 100,000 TRX, Higher denomination TRX cards have a higher ratio BTT bonus preloaded on the card. Simply choose the amount of TRX you want on the card, and receive a bonus amount of BTT included on the same card.

Holding TRX and BTT on the BitTorrent card provides several benefits. The BitTorrent card earns rewards on your account balance, whether you use your card or not. The BitTorrent card will earn a fixed 1.5% annual interest on TRX held, in addition to supporting the BTT airdrop program. The BitTorrent card will support BTT airdrops in proportion to the balance of TRX held on the card at the time of said airdrop.

The GRID X BitTorrent card is a great way to introduce family and friends to the TRON blockchain and BitTorrent without needing to learn traditionally complicated steps to acquire TRX and BTT.  The balance grows over time with no account maintenance required. The card never expires, there are no account service fees, it is anonymous, and it is easily giftable.  No knowledge or use of private keys, exchanges, or the blockchain are required.

GRID X BitTorrent is available for purchase now, with shipping expected in early April. Interest on the TRX balance and the eligibility for BTT airdrops starts on the date of purchase. The Web dashboard is expected to launch in late April, after which your funds will be accessible for use and withdrawal.

GRIDX BitTorrent

GRIDX partnership card
Earns 1.5% annual Interest on TRX held
Earns BTT through BitTorrent airdrop campaign
Compatible with future BitTorrent Client Benifits
Pre-loaded with BTT Tokens
Compatible with Poppy
Recoverable if lost


Standard GRID Card
Coming Soon!


Premiere Card
Coming Soon!

Troncard introduced GRID as a prepaid solution for buying, holding, and gifting TRX. Just like traditional currency pre-paid cards it is easy to use. Unlike traditional currency prepaid cards, GRID earns you interest on the TRON you hold. GRID has no fees, is anonymous and secure. GRID also allows you to recover your TRON if your card is lost.

GRID earns a reward daily, at the rate of 2.5% annually, Making it the perfect place to grow your balance while securely storing your TRON. If you choose to spend your TRON, GRID works seamlessly with any outlet that accepts TRON payments.
Your GRID card can also be used at many retail locations throughout the world using our point of sale partner, Poppy.

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Troncard is dedicated to promoting the adoption and integration of digital currencies, and making purchasing with digital assets as simple as using a credit card is today, while providing additional rewards and features. Troncard is a secure, digital card wallet designed to store digital currencies and interface with Poppy, a payment processor on the TRON Blockchain, and other popular TRON wallets. It facilitates TRX and TRON token payments at the point of sale and p2p, using an easy-to-use, familiar payment method.

Troncard is now in private beta!

During this period the beta community will provide critical data for the development of the system to help create a versatile and robust payment platform.

Up to 3.5% interest earned on all TRX held in Troncard
0 Transaction fee for p2p token transfers
Poppy tokens earned through purchases at retail