Troncard Funds Accessibility



Troncard is a secure digital card wallet that operates on the blockchain. Cardholders can easily hold digital assets while also earning interest on the balance. Troncard enables person to person (p2p) and person to business (p2b) transactions. Transactions can be performed using the Account Manager online and at the point of sale using Poppy.

Troncard protects your digital assets using a proprietary, cold storage solution. This system also ensures transactions are recorded quickly and efficiently on the blockchain.

Security protocol

Ordering: Persons interested in acquiring Troncard are required to provide personal identifiable information when ordering, such as shipping information and payment method. Troncard collects this information through a third-party company such as CoinPayments and WooCommerce. Customers receive a confirmation email from the third-party company once their transaction is completed with full details about their payments. Personal identifiable information is not permanently archived or associated with specific card account information.


Shipping and Handling: Cards ordered using the Troncard website are shipped using a third-party fulfillment company, such as Fulfillment by Amazon, to protect the anonymity of the customer. Cards are selected at random from a pool of available denominations by the fulfillment company and then shipped to customers. Troncard does not track the receipt of ordered cards. The fulfillment company provides order tracking information to the email provided at the time of ordering. If your card does not arrive as described in the tracking information, please contact Troncard via email at


The following will be provided with the shipment:  

  1. Troncard or GRID card
  2. Registration code
  3. Pin code

Registration: Card holders may register their card using the Troncard Account Manager on the website. Each card can be registered only once using the registration code provided on the card packaging. Registering the card provides the holder with the following benefits:

  • Claim funds – by registering the card, the card holder can claim ownership of the funds.
  • Withdraw funds – registering the card allows the card holder to withdraw funds from their card to any other compatible TRON wallet.
  • Monitor transactions.
  • Load digital assets (Troncard only).
  • Report the card if it’s lost or stolen.

Cards: Troncard and GRID cards are equipped with three different methods of payment. All of which are secured using Troncard’s proprietary technology.

  1. Mag stripe allows the card to communicate with the point of sale platform, Poppy.
  2. QR code is used for communicating payments using p2p devices or Poppy.
  3. 16 digit code is used to communicate with Poppy and future ecommerce integrations. The unique 16 digit code is the card holder’s account number.

Each card issued by Troncard is shipped with a PIN. The PIN codes are unique to each card and are used at the point of sale, Poppy. PIN codes cannot be changed. If your PIN is lost or stolen, a new card will need to be issued. A nominal fee will be charged for all replacement cards.

Private Keys

For security purposes, Troncard does not utilize nor provides private keys. This measure ensures there are no private keys to be lost or stolen, protecting the card holder from hackers stealing their assets. Assets on Troncard can only be accessed using the card or Account Manager. Assets loaded on Troncard account may be transferred to a compatible TRON wallet using the Account Manager; however, the Troncard wallet itself cannot be imported to another wallet as it does not provide a private key.     


Troncard  is built as a reloadable card wallet, therefore, it is provided a wallet address which can be used to load additional digital assets to the card. GRID and GRIDX cards are designed as non-reloadable gift cards, so they do not have a wallet address assigned.

Username and Password

When creating an account on the Account Manager, the user will be prompted to provide a username, password and email.

It’s important to understand the following;

  1. Email addresses cannot be changed once the account has been created.
  2. Usernames are case sensitive.
  3. Passwords cannot be changed inside the Account Manager. To change the password, a “Forgot Password” request must be submitted.

Good security practices;

  • Do not use the same password for accounts as the email address used to register the card.
  • Do not share your account password
  • Do not click on links to log in to account manager in order to prevent phishing attempts. Instead, visit TRONCARD.IO and click “Log in” to access the Account Manager.



Lost or Stolen Cards

Once an account had been created, card holders will be able to report lost or stolen cards by clicking the “Lock Funds” button on the bottom left of the Account Manager page (or click here) and filling out the form.  After this form has been submitted, the account will be disabled for all transactions.

Troncard is not responsible for funds lost due to stolen or lost cards. Troncard can not provide refunds or reverse transactions made even if the card was lost of stolen prior to the transaction occurring.  It is the sole responsibility of the card owner to ensure the safety of their card, email and login information.

Troncard is not responsible for any cards lost, stolen or damaged during the shipping. Shipping details and tracking number will be mailed to the email address provided at the time of check out when purchasing the card.