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GRID X BitTorrent

GRID X BitTorrent is a limited edition GRID partnership card.  Only a limited number of these cards have been produced. The cards are available in five denominations – 2,500, 5,000, 15,000, 50,000, and 100,000 TRX. Higher denomination TRX cards have a higher BTT bonus added to the card. Simply choose the amount of TRX you want on the card, and receive a bonus amount of BTT included on the same card.


Holding TRX and BTT on the BitTorrent card provides several benefits. The BitTorrent card earns rewards on your account balance, whether you use your card or not. The BitTorrent card will earn a fixed 1.5% annual interest on TRX held, in addition to supporting the BTT airdrop program. The BitTorrent card will support BTT airdrops in proportion to the balance of TRX held on the card at the time of said airdrop.

GRIDX BitTorrent

GRIDX partnership card
Earns 1.5% annual Interest on TRX held
Earns BTT through BitTorrent airdrop campaign
Compatible with future BitTorrent Client Benifits
Pre-loaded with BTT Tokens
Compatible with Poppy
Recoverable if lost


Standard GRID Card
Coming Soon!


Premiere Card
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